The Tango Yankee Chip Project

Change a Life by Giving Thanks and a Handshake

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Our Mission:

Tango Yankee is radio terminology for thank you. The Tango Yankee Chip is simply a device to help you show gratitude and to inspire goodness in others. The entire concept was completely inspired because of an unselfish deed.

The Tango Yankee Chip began because of a hard working every day citizen did something for me that I thought was extraordinary, but he thought nothing of it. He simply said that he could never repay me for the sacrifices that I have made. That statement hit me very hard and made me realize that people are paying attention, but don’t always know how to say thanks.

I want Tango Yankee to change lives by being handed around by a handshake and a statement of thanks.Please help me change lives by purchasing some chips to give to those who have impacted your life by doing something significant.

Daniel Shaw